As Holga have entire it 30 some years, we are always looking for something different. In the 70’s Universal Electrics Industries Ltd was a company manufacturing external flash light. However, during the late 70’s Japanese company have invented a build-in flash light system, our business has hurt badly because of this. Hence, we desperately needed something new to drive the sell up. I came up with an idea to build a low cost camera for people that used 120mm film. In the past few decades, Holga camera was being used by the photographer for its surrealistic, impressionistic scenes for landscape, still life, portrait, and especially street photography. A Holga photograph by photojournalist David Burnett of former vice-president Al Gore during a 2000 campaign appearance earned a top prize in a 2001 White House News Photographers' Association Eyes of History award ceremony.

This year, we are partnering with Smartgears Global Ltd. to develop an electric version of this world famous camera and hope to bring this brand into the spotlight again. We notice the demand for film camera is shrinking due to film development process are costly and time consuming. Hence, I think the Holga Digital can fill the gap for the Y generation and let them also can enjoy the artistic image that the Holga camera produce without going all the way to film camera. Holga Digital is not the camera to replace the current digital camera market. Instead, it opens a new genre of digital photography by reminding the younger generation how photography are used to be and hopefully draw more people interested in film photography. Most importantly to promote the “Made in Hong Kong” spirit once again to the world.