Introducing the all next Holga Digital

Pick the right color to fit your style

Holga Digital is a new generation Holga, that bring the old good toy camera back to the present

We designed the Holga Digital for everyone from the first-time Holga user to the photography enthusiast

The Holga Digital is a high-quality glass optic with F2.8 and F8.0 aperture setting to fit different environment and situation

With the new Holga Digital you can use your lens from the Holga 135mm camera and pop them in by using a lens adaptor. This way you can share lens between your analog camera and the new Holga Digital.

We have embedded this feature into the new Holga digital. Now you can switch between 4:3 or 1:1 ratio photograph without doing any post-editing and share with your friends right the way!

We know you like to share your work at an instant! The new Holga Digital is WiFi SD card compatible